Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Benefits and Drawbacks of Venture Capital Financing

California financier Bill Malloy serves as a founding general partner of venture capital firm Sway Ventures. Through his company, Bill Malloy provides venture capital to early- and mid-stage technology companies.

Venture capital funding can be a huge help to businesses. While loans can sometimes be more convenient for financing a company, the loan must be paid back within a set amount of time. For early-stage companies, this may be difficult. 

Venture funding does not have a repayment schedule and provides new companies with extra cash without an expectation of repayment. Further, venture capital funding is often accompanied by additional expertise and connections that help new companies succeed.

However, venture funding is not entirely without strings. Investors request equity in return. Depending on the amount of equity, an investor may earn a controlling role in the business especially as companies grow and expand into private equity. 

This is not always detrimental, as long as the investor shares a similar vision and goal with the business owners. But when these priorities and goals are not aligned, business owners may see their company move in a direction they did not want.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Boys to Men Provides Support to Local Boys

Bill Malloy serves as a founding general partner of Sway Ventures, in which he oversees the company’s investments and directs its efforts in the technology industry. An active member of his community, Bill Malloy is a trustee of the Malloy Foundation and cofounder of the PEERS Network.

Established in 2009, the PEERS Network brings executives and entrepreneurs together to give back to the community. As part of its mission, the organization funds numerous charities in the California area, including Boys to Men.

Boys to Men focuses on helping boys in middle and high school who are at risk of academic failure. More than 70 percent of the boys in the program do not have a father figure in their lives, or they lack a mentor or other role model. 

Boys to Men provides mentors and role models who listen and encourage the boys in their group. Mentors meet with program participants weekly. After-school and evening meetings are voluntary, but in-school meetings are required by school administration and focus on serving boys with behavior or academic problems.

Boys to Men hopes to provide participants with support while teaching them about compassion, integrity, and accountability. All meetings follow a 32-week curriculum that helps boys cope with problems they face at home and in school.

Friday, January 27, 2017

Clay Helton Nominated for Coach of the Year Award


Investor Bill Malloy, founding general partner of Sway Ventures, specializes in investing in high performing teams, building revolutionary technology, creating the next enterprise or consumer category. Originally from South Carolina, Bill Malloy completed his bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering and project management at Clemson University and a master’s of business administration at the University of Southern California (USC). Aside from professional interests, he enjoys following USC Trojan football.

Clay Helton, the head football coach at USC since 2015, has recently been nominated for the Paul “Bear” Bryant Award, given annually to the college football coach of the year by the American Heart Association. The award, which is the only college coaching prize that is awarded after all bowl games have been completed, is determined by the National Sports Media Association. The winner will be announced at the Bryant Awards Banquet in Houston, Texas, on January 11, 2017.

Since 1986, the awards have raised over $7 million on behalf of the American Heart Association. Each year, legendary sports figures and top football coaches unite to support the work done by the American Heart Association to fight cardiovascular disease.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Malloy and Company Invests in The Ridges at Paris Mountain

Marshall School of Business graduate Bill Malloy serves as a board member and advisor for several tech companies, including Tally, Zanbato, Addepar, and Penrose. In addition, Bill Malloy presides over Malloy and Company as president and board member.

Malloy and Company was founded by Henry Duncan Malloy during the early 1800s. It was initially established as a real estate and retail investment firm, and was handed down from generation to generation for over 100 years. 

One of the projects Malloy and Company has invested in is The Ridges at Paris Mountain. A mountain community, grounded in its setting, that tells its own unique story. 

South Carolina’s lush backcountry embodies vast stands of deep-rooted hardwoods that have occupied the terrain for centuries. It is among this pristine and native landscape that you will discover something wondrous and unique—the first class modern community of The Ridges at Paris Mountain. Whether it’s the respite of an enchanting mountain retreat, the comfort of living in a home that epitomizes luxury and craftsmanship, premier recreational amenities, or access to the dynamic city of Greenville, The Ridges offers a way of life that you can truly take pride in.